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Offering Bespoken Window display props to grab the attention of customers to go into store. With creative and unique designs in Multi-materials

Brain Storming

Shouldn't define Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising creative design with curtain

As well known, visual merchandising is vital to each store (any industries), that is the direct link between stores and the customers. It can be expressed in different places, like store windows / interior store displays / seasonal displays / interactive displays / mannequin styling etc., where can achieve the goal of visual marketing.

Each VM project is designed by professional visual merchandiser, who understand brand and seasonal themed window display clearly. So they design out the unique and creative display props in multi-materials, that only effectively express the brand’s attitude, but also attract more attention from customers to enter the store, increasing sales.

As a converter and manufacturer of customized display props, VmDisplay team is willing to share more professional VM solutions and the production of overall window props to help brands achieve the purpose of visual merchandising.