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Dior Popup Display With Large Artificial Flower Display

Fashion brand Dior launched a limited time popup display with featuring large hot molded EVA artificial roses flower display, which is a strong visual impact that is eye-catching!


The details of the artificial flower display set

  1. Made of high density EVA matieral via hot molded shape
  2. Flower sizes ranges from dia. 30 cm to dia. 200cm
  3. Colors are available for choosing.
  4. Also with metal instruction inside for supporting.
  5. EVA flowers are suitable for Popup display, spring seasonal window display, wedding decoration or other Christmas events.



Dior large artificial flower display for popup display

This is a very amazing visual merchandising popup display with large artificial flower display from the Dior brand. When you say it’s a simple rose flower display, but you are wrong. It includes different sizes of rose flower decorations, as well as thermoformed large-sized petals as a decorative effect on the whole wall, making you feel like you’re in a garden!

All the flower display set is made of high density EVA material, which is a very malleable material and is often used to make fake flower shapes with unlimited size, ranges from 10cm diameter flower head to 300cm diameter flower head. The surface can be painted in different colors, so it can make a wonderful artificial flower set for visual display.

dior popup display with eva foam flower rose display
popup display with different sizes rose flowers
Dior flower display in red eva material for visual merchandising
dior artificial flower display made of EVA material

VmDisplay has designed many different flower shapes, not only the rose design, but also monarchs, moonflowers, carnations, etc. Various materials are used to realize larger size, such as paper, EVA, etc. Meanwhile, you can also customize more different flower shapes, sizes and colors to make your window display more unique and attractive.

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