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Flower Shop Window Display Ideas With Artificial Rose decoration

The artificial rose design decorations used as good flower shop window display ideas for store window design, wedding decoration, pop-up display and other Christmas events decoration.

The details of the artificial rose decoration set

  1. Made in silk cloth wrapping with metal bars and base
  2. Colors are available for choosing
  3. Rose head sizes range: 10/20/30/40/50/60cm
  4. Best flowers shop window display ideas for store window design



Flower shop window display ideas for visual merchandising

Artificial Flowers and plants are generally used as visual display props for Seasonal shop window. Special with the artificial flowers designs in different sizes and types.

VmDisplay introduces a series of rose shape designs, which can be used as a complete visual props for shop window design and pop-up displays. This set of artificial rose combination props can also be used to decorate wedding venues. During the Christmas holiday, they can create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere for festive parties.

The artificial rose designed by VmDisplay team, which has been widely used and received positive feedback. In addition to rose shapes, we also designed out other flower types such as lilies, roses, and carnations, that are made in different materials, paper and EVA flowers, to keep high quality in large size.

Artificial rose flowers for shop window
Red rose flower decor set
artificial Champagne rose flowers
Purple rose decoration made in silk cloth

Warmly welcome more requests and designs from you, we can also customize various flower shapes and sizes, and try best to make your shop window displays unique and captivating. If you need further information or consultation, please contact us.

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