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Weekend MaxMara Store Window Display Design

The store window display design for the New Pasticcino Bags collection of Weekend Max Mara in 2022 was a captivating visual presentation that highlighted the elegance and charm of the brand’s latest handbag line. The design aimed to create a luxurious and inviting ambiance that would entice passersby to explore the collection further.

The simple introduction of the whole window display set

  1. Made of hardness Fiberglass material
  2. Rough surface with embossed logo
  3. Customized macarons shape designs with different diameters
  4. Large sculpture designs for store window display and small ones for interior decoration.



Weekend Maxmara store window display

In 2022, Weekend MaxMara launched out an exclusive window display design with colorful fiberglass Macaroon display props for their new Pasticcino handbag products. It is a successful and perfect visual merchandising display that invites passersby to stop and explore further.

The wonderful colors complement the theme colors of bag products. And the cute macaroon dessert shapes emphasizes the uniqueness of the Pasticcino handbag product design.

Focusing on amazing parts of this store window:

  1. Color: pink, yellow, red, consistent with the main color ofbag products
  2. Rough surfaceof display props are coincide with the surface of handbag products.
  3. It is creative store window display with macaroon shape design,expressing warmth and loveliness.
  4. The stackedpart is used as a display stand, which is very distinctive.
  5. The main product name and brand are highlighted on the surface of the props
  6. In addition to the shape of Macron, the shape of the bag is also designed as a display stand.
store interior counter display decoration
weekend store design display
fiberglass macarons designs for visual merchandising
store window display and store interior decor

As a window idea converter and prop manufacturer, VmDisplay team is committed to providing perfect window props and VM solutions to meet customers’ display goals. For this weekend window display, we provide services from 3D design to finished production, including just-in-time delivery to the customer. We have been working hard to meet customers’ requirements and goals for integrated total window display projects.

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