As the market is diversified now, product quality is no longer just a single indicator, and service already has become a hub between us and clients and we are closely linked.

VmDisplay offers bespoken store window displays production
Visual merchandising prop design for Mall decor
Visual merchandising with black fake balloon

VmDisplay comprehensive ability

VM Display Team has been committed to the field of display props production more than 20 years of experiences. It has not only achieved excellent results in production quality control, but more important comprehensive service. 

VmDisplay Design idea service

Design Analysis

With more than 20 years experiences of Store Window display design and VM prop production management, we have a skilled design team, who could analysis any complicate VM projects and offer different process solutions in quick time. It is the key point to keep exquisite quality level of display props and cut down cost to meet your budget.

Integrated supplies display prop with LED light

Intergrated Supplies

Don’t worry about your display props on our hand ! Since our most important ability is to integrate resources of vary materials, that means we can solve and implement any bespoken store window projects with different material integration. So far, we have covered most of the industries with different materials with rich production experiences of each industry.

Sample workshop VmDisplay

Sample Development

Don’t worry about the realizability of the Visual Merchandising project, but just feel free to send your project designs or ideas. Because we are providing different VM solutions while making samples. We will discuss internally and directly present the most perfect plan and samples for checking and discussion with you. There are total 5 skilled masters in our sample development studio, and usually provide very shiny solutions and samples inadvertently, which to solve all your worries.

Management Capacity of VmDisplay factory

Production Management

With experienced production manager, who can make production plan in advance and keep the quality control with the same high standard requirements, no matter a large order or a small order. We can realize a big project within 20 days, because all workers and management are on the same production line, and they all put in 100% effort to present the perfect props on the brand store window.

VmDisplay Successful Solution


This is an exhibition display project, that can reflect our teamwork of the whole project processing. The customer only provided pictures and sizes for the entire project, for the rest file design, samples work and production are all charged by VmDisplay Team. We sourced raw materials, and tried in different solutions and tests, finally get a perfect way to achieve customer’s satisfaction.

Materials involved in the project: fabric clothes, soft and flexible metal wires, MDF and acrylic materials

Project focusing:

  1. First to confirm the shape instruction process of the Fabric hot-air balloon
  2. Considering it could be flat packing (About the large ones), but could be assembled easily, which to keep items safety and cut down shipping cost for client.
  3. Our engineer thought of the Umbrella processing solution, but with a little bit difference that it must keep smooth and full hot-air balloon shape finish after expanding.
  4. Moreover, about the fixing way after expanding and hanging issue on the top ceiling. All of problems focused, VmDisplay team offered the final perfect solution to solve them and get high review from our client.


This is a flagship store window display for Karma & Luck last year-The wooden printing canvas frame as background. Client provided only photos and some ideas with requests of the whole display. VmDisplay team designed out CAD drawings and 3D files for confirmation upon requests, then go for production directly.

Here’s a very clever design what to make the grooves on the sides of metal structure back, that could stretch canvas to keep smooth finish and then fixed it into the side grooves. And all the 3D ornaments and outer wooden frame were made with magnets on back, that to adhesive to metal back (upon canvas)directly. That is easy for client to change ornaments and printing canvas when different window displays.

Materials involved in the project: Wood, canvas, acrylic, metal, 3D printings, LED lights

Processes involved: Wood cutting, canvas UV printing, 3D printing, hand painting, metal laser cutting, metal slow wire walking, etc.

Project focusing:

  1. Iron Metal Structure design, which needs to stand independently and support all ornaments and LED letters back-lit with the transformer need to be hidden back.
  2. The assembling way to fix all the 3D ornaments on the canvas frame front and wooden fram fixed on sides.


It is a store creative Christmas window display project of the Hugo Boss. The overall structure of the window prop is composed of several stacked B letters together with different effects on the surface, which are iridescent finish and mirror blue-green changed finish. According to client’s requests of high-level quality surface matching perfectly with no air bubbles on joints, it needs rich production experience and technical support for this kind of special-shaped acrylic props. Done by VmDisplay team!!!

Materials involved in the project: Acrylic, Stainless steel materials

Project focusing:

  1. Make sure smooth surface of B letter on bending parts and jointing parts.
  2. Make sure the edges are precisely butted and matched together.
  3. Make sure the edges of the joint are free of bubbles and no traces of glue.
  4. The two B letters are snapped together via SS accessories and can be rotated 360°


This big Christmas tree design used as decoration prop for Tiffany flagship store entrance. It shows our perfect our production capacity and management through this project. The most important is that we provide a perfect structure design solution to solve all problems.

This is a classic project that covers almost every process of metallic work, from raw material to finished perfect prop, then packed into safety wooden box for shipping to each store directly.

Materials involved in the project: Stainless steel and iron metal materials

Processing: Raw material precision engraving; conical CNC bending; welding fully and precision polishing; high temperature vacuum plating

Project focusing:

  1. The height is up to 3500mm, that needs to ensure standing stability (consider its own weight and outdoor cross-wind risk)
  2. The vacuum electroplating of large Christmas tree cap, which is around 2.5m length.
  3. Make sure the smooth curved surface without polishing traces( It is welded by two large curved Stainless steel plates)
  4. The fixed method of the large size hat and stump bottom to keep standing stability
  5. The large base must be enough to support the entire Christmas tree, and the surface must also ensure high-quality electroplating rose gold effect.

Do for you

Over the years of Visual Merchandising Experiences & Bespoken window displays production, we have been enriching our capabilities and trying our best to your demands.