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2019 MaxMara Store Window Display For Visual Merchandising

This MaxMara store window display primarily features a stack of stylish wooden (MDF) vintage television sets, with the gold and black MaxMara logo printed on top finish, which emphasizing the brand logo and the seasonal color palette for the whole store window design. Seasonal MaxMara window design is always sleek and clean, and using simple props to showcase a sense of luxury.


Simple prop designs of the window display are as follows:

  1. Made of MDF boards material painted in high-end matte finish
  2. Inserting aslightly curved transparent acrylic panel in the middle, with printing logo, that showcasing the vintage television set design.
  3. 3D-printed “TV buttons” with the “M” logo engraved on them.
  4. Stacking all the Wooden “TVs”together via metal poles to keep stand stably.



MaxMara window design with wooden display props

VmDisplay team has been creating various store window display props for MaxMara and its subsidiary brands since 2017, together with the tailored visual merchandising solutions to achieve our clients’ display objectives. MaxMara store displays are renowned for minimalistic and elegant styles, with timeless mannequin model figures that have become iconic to the brand. Including the customized store window props and interior decorations follow the same principle of simplicity, but showcasing different levels of luxurious textures through various finishes.

We are honored to be part of MaxMara visual merchandising store designs suppliers, providing comprehensive services and integrated supply of props in different materials such as fiberglass, wood, metal, acrylic, and more to meet diverse customer requirements. We are also committed to sourcing environmental and sustainable materials for fashion seasonal window displays, as it represents the future trend of window design.

MaxMara store displays with tv shape design
store window design of wooden prop
wooden tv display prop
MaxMara visual merchandising

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