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Donjulio 1942 Tequila Wine Bottle Holder Made With Acrylic and Brass Materials

The high end Wine Bottle Holder was made for the Donjulio 1942 brand, which is a famous brand of tequila produced in Mexico.


The details of the wine bottle holder display prop design:

  1. Made of clear acrylic and high quality brass finish base
  2. Designed with LED light to highlight Tequila
  3. High end polishing brass finish to improve quality level.
  4. Customized with different design shapes suit for kinds of Tequila bottle
  5. Best counter display bottle holder showed on store fixture shelf.



We are honored to produce the wine bottle holder for the famous tequila brand Donjulio 1942. This small but exquisite prop reflects the high-end craftsmanship and complex assembly design, integrated with various materials combined into high-end display props.

1. Highly translucent acrylic as the back support, through the laser milling process. And with LED lighting effects to highlight the product perfectly.

2. Wine bottle base is made of brass, through processing of curled and bent, laser welded and polished without any gap or trace, which to keep as high quality finish of the holder prop.

3. It is a cylindrical base with an opening on the top, which is equipped with light decoration inside. And it shoots out from the bottom, letting people’s eyes focus on the product, it is a perfect visual marketing display prop for the product.

4. The logo is laser marked on the surface of base to emphasize the texture.

5. VmDisplay team supplied about 8,000 sets of props for the Donjulio 1942 brand, and the whole project took only about 25 days. This is our advantage, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the props, we try to shorten the time to meet your requests.

Tequila Bottle Holder display props manufacturing by VmDisplay team

It is just one of store display fixtures made by VmDisplay team, we also could provides many different display props. It is warmly welcomed to get the chance to discuss with your own store design props, for more information and VM projects, please contact us.


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