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Stainless Steel Letters Boxes As Shop Interior Design For Hugo Boss

Proud to be supplier for offering the high end stainless steel letters & boxes to Hugo Boss as shop interior design in 2022. The gold mirror plating “B” letter highlight fashion brand image, which is simplicity without simplicity.


Simple design of Stainless steel “B” letter & box

  1. Made of high quality #304 Stainless steel
  2. Customized any sizes and shapes of the letters
  3. Keeping straight box without deforming
  4. Processing: Laser cutting / Bending / Fully Welding / Polishing / Plating



Hugo Boss shop interior design

In fact, this project of Stainless steel letters & boxes is not difficult for us because we have over 20 years of experience in the metallic production field. We have been constantly improving and introducing advanced technology to enhance product quality standards, ensuring that each product is intact and delivered to customers on time.

The entire project took only 20 days for bulk production, with shipments delivered in batches to the designated locations specified by the customers. We received excellent feedback, addressing the key challenges for customers in terms of product quality, packaging, and timely delivery.

The key focuses of the Hugo Boss shop interior design project are as follows:

  1. Ensuring a fully welded surface for the letter “B,” maintaining its flatness without deformation.
  2. Ensuring perfect welding, polishing, and buffing for the hollowed-out sections of the letter “B.”
  3. Ensuring that there are no polishing traces on any electroplated surfaces of the letter “B.”
  4. Ensuring a smooth, spotless, non-deformed electroplated surface for the box.
  5. Ensuring perfect SS letters & boxes on client’s hand in time
Hugo boss shop interior design with SS letter
hugo boss shop interior
SS boxes for shope interior design
SS letter prdouction line

VmDisplay team owe a professional engineers team and powerful production lines to try best to solve your key points. Here you will find more our capacity for more shop interior design ideas and customized display props for retail store.

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