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Store Visual Merchandising Custom Monster Sculpture Wrapped With Long Velvet Fur

The cute whole set of Custom Monster sculptures are made of fiberglass materials inside, wrapping long furry velvet cloth sewed together and the plastic eyes design reflects the overall lovely image. That are suitable for Kids store window visual merchandising and store interior design decoration.

The simple introduction of the whole sculptures set

  1. Made of hardness Fiberglass material
  2. With long fur soft velvet cloth sewing together.
  3. Customized in different shape designs, sizes are not limitation.
  4. It has many processing solutions to achieve the fur finish based on different costs. Such as fiberglass, KT board, wooden, metal and inflatable materials inside.



Custom Monster sculpture with long fur wrapping

The Custom Monster Sculptures are special display items for store retail window. They are covered by soft, shaggy cloth on the outside and constructed with hardness fiberglass material inside to ensure stability and durability. Its bright colors and unique shape provide endless childlike fun and surprise, which are good window display props for Kid store design.

To create Shaggy Monster, we follow a production process that involves mold making, cutting, sewing, and assembly. They precisely cut and sew the fabric based on the design requirements, ensuring that each hairy monster’s appearance and size and meets the standards, special of the cute eye designs.

The cute set custom Monster sculptures set:

  1. Color of the long furs are available for choosing.
  2. With the Plastic eyes design fixed on the Monster sculpture
  3. They are made of Fiberglass material inside wrapping with long fur velvet cloth
  4. It is creative store window displays set for visual merchandising
  5. Different custom monster sculptures can add with your own brand logo
  6. The length of the velvet cloth fur could be changed shorter
  7. They are used as visual props for store window, pop up display, shopping mall centre decor and Christmas display etc.
Monster sculpture design
colorful long fur velvet sculptures
fiberglass sculpture with velvet
wholesale sculptures manufacturer

The Shaggy Monster is suitable for different events, such as shopping mall displays, children’s toy stores window or interior design, and themed events. It can either showcase goods or capture the customers’ interest.

VmDisplay team also offers flocking figurines made of different materials, spray painting handmade sculptures, electroplating mirror finish sculptures and glitter finish etc. We could offer the comprehensive VM solutions from 3D design, 3D printings to molding and production, that cut down cost and could be offered in quick time.



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