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VmDisplay team has been working on bespoken Visual Merchandising Window Display props production and think outside the box to offer suitable solution for the whole retail window display projects. We own powerful factory capacity and could provide integrated supplies to support any VM projects to achieve clients’ goal.  

Our mission is Thinking outside the box to offer the best window props for Visual Merchandising.

Integrated Supplies Lines are Metallic / Fiberglass / Wooden / Acrylic / Fabric Cloth / Paper etc.

Visual Merchandising

Importance of Visual Merchandising

As known that Visual Merchandising is one of marketing practices, that uses different displays, fixtures and elements with lighting to attract attention to come into stores for increasing sales, and also leave a memorable impression and amazing shopping feeling to customers, so investing in visual merchandising is really important.

Within Visual Merchandising, there are some key elements where the advertisements can be placed to attract customers. For example the retail window displays and entrance, the visual merchandiser design the whole store windows based on themed window displays with unique and creative display props to express brands. Using mixed elements, like metal, acrylic, fiberglass, lighting materials etc. to achieve retail window design.

That is what VmDisplay team could offer and help make out customized window display props to support visual merchandising process.

Shop window visual merchandising displays
MaxMara flocking bear sculptures
Hermes window display for season

Values we live by


Thinking Outside Of Box

1. 3D developing design and printing
2. Professional VM Projects team to follow displays processing
3. Experienced windows engineers team to offer best solution


Integrated Supplies

1. Own production lines are Metallic / Fiberglass fields
2. Integrated supply with other materials displays
3. Global sourcing team to service with different materials


Complete Services & Solutions

1. Full of experiences for customized window displays
2. Analysis and teardown store window design files
3. Quick sample work studio and production management
4. Shipping logistic service to each store

Our team of experts

Full of Visual Merchandising experience to help work out any themed store window designs.

Comprehensive service

Aiming for nothing less than full-service, skilled from design to fast samples development, then mass production, finally arrange shipping to clients as per requests.

Such a mature team has allowed us to win many different projects. Including metal, acrylic, fiberglass, wooden and other multi-material collections for retail windows and shopping malls Christmas, as well as props decoration for outdoor squares and fashion streets.

Leadership Team

We can propose the perfect complete solution in any projects, meet the needs of customers and ensure high quality.

1. Project management team: Total 6 staffs for one team. Engineers to offer suitable solution with 2D & 3D team
2. Production management team: Total around 80 workers to keep Flexible, efficient, standardized and planned production.
3. QC & Shipping team: Total 5 staffs to keep high quality standard strictly and high efficient shipping logistic
4. Assemble team for Domestic projects

Samples Workshop & Showroom

VmDisplay’s sample area shows a variety of display props integrated with different materials, like iron combined with acrylic/PVC and LED light, iron combined with wood material, fiberglass sculpture with iron structure inside, and others, such as leather, cloth, paper, Plastic props etc..

VmDisplay Showroom with integrated supplies display props
VmDisplay Showroom with integrated supplies display props
VmDisplay Showroom with Flocking horse sculpture and other customized display props
VmDisplay Showroom of integrated supplies like mirror acrylic mannequin podium design and others
VmDisplay Showroom with Tiffany & Co Christmas and Tapestry store window props
VmDisplay Showroom with Prada Acrylic display prop and foam window design props
VmDisplay Showroom with different finishes of bespoken display props
VmDisplay Mockup display with velvet flowers for season displays


Metallic Workshop Complete Production Line

With more than 20 years experiences of Customized metallic display props production for brand store windows

 VmDisplay team has devoted to The Metallic field and has formed a complete production line, including:

  1. High-power laser cutting machine–raw material cutting area 
  2. CNC bending machine, taper rolling machine, etc. to make out different shapes without any sizes limitation.
  3. Laser welding machine–High-efficiency full welding, which can be not easily deformed and has no solder joints.
  4. Polish machine processing–we have 6 machines to work meantime, with skilled masters to keep high glossy mirror finish without scratches.
  5. Final finishes, we also offer sandblasting, brushed finish and polished glossy mirror finish etc. in our metallic factory. So if you want the samples to check finishes quality, we could work out within 1 day.

Integrated Supplies

Complete Integrated Supplies For Window Projects

It always require multi-material collections for retail window displays and store interior fixtures.

With multi-materials of display props offered to suit any retail store windows to achieve your themed window display goal.

  1. Cooperated with other suppliers, who works acrylic, fiberglass, wooden, paper field lines tosupport the whole Store window display projects.
  2. Also with different finishes to express final themed windows, like powder coating/ high temperature vacuum plating / electrostatic flocking / UV printing / Glitter / Bronzing etc.