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2022 Karma & Luck Shop Window Display Backdrop With Custom Wood Large Canvas Frame

Here is a custom large wood canvas frame used as shop window display backdrop for visual merchandising. VmDisplay team offer complete service from design to finished display prop production.

Integrated Supplies of the Large canvas frame store fixture:

  1. Solid wood frame with a clear coating for protecting
  2. All the ornaments on canvas are 3D printings and laser cutting metal parts.
  3. UV printing in brown color on canvas cloth
  4. LED back light logo letters on centre of canvas frame
  5. The metal structure design is Recyclable for shop window backdrop.



window display backdrop for retail shop design

This is a flagship shop window display backdrop for Karma & Luck store last year, which is a custom wood printing canvas frame as backdrop. Client only provided sketch photos and some ideas of the whole display, actually it is a challenge for us. Although it is just a simple wooden frame, it covers different materials for integrated supply, and we considered all the processing parts including structural design, the assembling operation, and display effect. Finally we made out perfect wood frame to achieve our client’s goal, and got good feedback from client.

The whole shop window backdrop project processing:

  1. Canvas frame size is L3800xH2480mm, first to designed as two separated metal structures back to support the large size and easy for shipping.
  2. Then fix canvas cloth to the metal structure. We designed and made two slots on the sides of metal structure, that could stretch canvas cloth to keep smooth finish and then fixed it into the sides’
  3. Client requested all the ornaments must be 3D designs, then we made out 3D printings and hand painting. Considering that shop window display needs to be replaced with different themed props in future, so we installed magnets behind all the ornament decorations, then client can directly attach to the iron metal structure, also can change to other themed window with different display ornaments.
  4. The same processing way for wood frame adding magnets, which can take it down to change the canvas cloth for different color canvas.
Custom wood frame with led letter back-lit
large canvas frame for carrying
wood large canvas frame packing
wood canvas frame visual merchandising prop

Confirming the large wood canvas frame stand independently and the LED light sign with back-lit attach to the centre of wood frame, then keeps the transformer hidden back of metal structure.

VmDisplay own a professional team to solve all your problems, from design-2D & 3D design to prototypes to final production and shipping to your hand. We always try best to offer perfect VM solution to achieve your goals.

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