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Pop Up Trade Show Displays Ideas With Fabric Hot-Air Balloon Display Props

Here is visual merchandising windows displays design with custom huge fiberglass dragon coming out from “Broken” LED screen for Coach retail store. Coach perfectly presents the “Windows of the future” window theme.


Creative retail windows with simple Dragon design window display prop:

  1. Totally made of 100% fiberglass material
  2. With metal hooks for hanging Coach bag
  3. Huge size of the cute dragon animal statue design
  4. Dragon coming out from the “Broken”LED screen
  5. Dragon hands design display rack for Coach bag displaying
  6. Creative and unique window display for visual merchandising



trade show displays for exhibition booth

The customized fabric hot-air balloon as pop up trade show displays project, which can reflect VmDisplay’s teamwork of the whole processing. Since our client just provided pictures of the hot-air balloons and sizes for the entire project, our sample developing team design the CAD file, and offer different solutions for testing and finally confirm the perfect ones to work out in quick time. Regarding to the fabric cloth materials, we have global sourcing team to get perfect materials and sewing together matching in different colors.

Project focusing and key points:

  1. Refer to large balloon design, we consider to do flat packing to keep safety shipping and cut down shipping cost for client. So it needs to design the structure of the balloon, which could open up and stop to keep the balloon shape design.
  2. The is similar processing of umbrella solution, so we use soft and flexible metal wire to sew to fabric cloth, and test opening up to keep perfect balloon shape design, then confirm the stop location to keep balloon shape.
  3. After confirming the stop location, but it also need the power accessory part to keep balloon shape together on top, so our engineer suggest to use acrylic accessory do milling grooves directly and fix the part on top of balloon.
  4. The the large hot-air balloon could keep perfect shape hanging on ceiling for long time
trade show display ideas of creative hot-air balloon
fabric hot air balloon production by VmDisplay
packing for large hot air balloon
mixed glitter colors cloth for fabric balloon

Here, you could find VmDisplay team is not only a display props manufacture, but also a professional bespoke visual display projects converter to offer perfect Visual merchandising solution to our clients. For more display projects, just contact us freely.

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