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Coach Visual Merchandising Window Displays Design With Fiberglass Dragon Animal Statue

Here is visual merchandising windows displays design with custom huge fiberglass dragon coming out from “Broken” LED screen for Coach retail store. Coach perfectly presents the “Windows of the future” window theme.


Creative retail windows with simple Dragon design window display prop:

  1. Totally made of 100% fiberglass material
  2. With metal hooks for hanging Coach bag
  3. Huge size of the cute dragon animal statue design
  4. Dragon coming out from the “Broken”LED screen
  5. Dragon hands design display rack for Coach bag displaying
  6. Creative and unique window display for visual merchandising



visual merchandising window displays

You may image a cute huge dragon coming out from modern city, and bring fashion bags to appear in front of you with a smile after watching Coach’s retail visual merchandising windows. It is really successful creative window displays for the “Windows of the future” theme, that expresses the combination of fairy tales and reality.

VmDisplay team offers not only the store displays production, but also complete solutions to achieve visual merchandising windows goal to attract more attention from customers.

Retail window project focusing:

  1. “Breaking out”design on the front of LED screen panel, which is thinner laser cutting metal sheets UV printing the “Broken” Pattern on finish.
  2. Fixed accessory part back of Fiberglass dragon statue, also used as hanging part to LED screen panel
  3. Confirming the LED screen panel works well with clear picture
3d printing of dragon animal statue for Coach store display
visual merchandising design
animal statue of dragon design
coach window dragon statue coming out LED screen panel

Here you will know what VmDisplay team could help you, whatever any integrated supplies materials for different display props or any visual merchandising design ideas for fashion brands retails or pop ups or any where you would like to display, we always try best to work out the real display props according to your retail store window display designs and ideas.

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