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2022 Hugo Boss Store Window Displays With Acrylic Display Stand

The window project is 2022 Hugo Boss Christmas store window display with creative acrylic display stand designed by stacked of different “B” Letters.

Integrated Supplies Materials for the whole Display stand structure

  1. Acrylic in iridescent and glossy mirror colors changed finish.
  2. Stainless steel accessories for stacking and rotating.
  3. Round Stainless steel base to stand independently.
  4. Beauty customized acrylic display fixture for Christmas window.



Hugo boss store window displays

The overall structure is composed of several stacked B letters together with different effects on the surface, which are iridescent finish and mirror glossy blue-green changed finish. With the  high-end quality finish requests of acrylic props from client, We made out the props to match perfectly without any air bubbles on joints and any glue traces. VmDisplay own an experienced production team to offer professional exquisite technology to achieve the kind of special-shaped display props for fashion retail windows.

Project Processing:

  1. First to cut the shapes of “B”letters as sheets via precision engraving machine (CNC machine), without damaging the acrylic surface.
  2. Making the mold to keep the smooth bending of “B”letter after high temperature in oven.
  3. Assembling the sheets to 3D shapes of “B”letters without air bubbles and glue traces on jointing parts.
  4. Making sure the edges are precisely butted and matched together.
  5. Stacking two B letters together via special customized stainless steel accessories, which can be rotated 360°
  6. Making sure the Stainless Steel accessories to keep two B letters stably and joint firmly
  7. Assembling the whole acrylic display fixture on big round SS base to keep stably.
Acrylic display stand joint accessories
custom visual merchandising display acrylic stand
store displays with acrylic stand
hugo boss retail store window displays fixtures

With more bespoken store fixtures for retail window, warm welcome for sharing to us. VmDisplay team always offer professional Visual merchandising solution and make out prototype in quick time for discussing and testing.

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