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2018 Sydney City Christmas Decor Displays With Large Christmas Tree Balls Ornaments

Amazing outdoor City Christmas Decor displays of the Large Christmas Tree ball ornaments decoration in Fashion Sydney city street. Enjoy happy time with your family.


Personalised vary kinds of Large Christmas balls for decoration

  1. Creative pattern designs for different sizes balls.
  2. Stainless steel ball material with Fiberglass cap in gold plating finish
  3. Designed with eye-bolts for hanging on large Christmas tree
  4. Stainless steel ball Sizes range from Dia. 10-200cm for choosing
  5. High-end gold mirror finish via vaccum plating processing
  6. It is fantastic visual outdoor christmas displays with different balls



outdoor christmas displays

It is a Large Christmas ball tree for 2018 Sydney city Christmas Decor Displays, which it is total 25m height Christmas tree decorated by different stainless steel balls designed with 6 different sizes and patterns. It is also need our masters to keep perfect separated colors finishes without any overflows and keep high quality vaccum electroplating gold color balls’ cap.

Complete processing of the Christmas ball ornaments:

  1. Welded nuts inside Stainless steel balls first for Cap and two eye-bolts
  2. Fixed two eye-bolts in the right positions
  3. Masking the unpainted part first, and painted the exposured part with high quality car paintings then painted another part and stick the already painted part.
  4. Keeping high-end gold plating cap without any pitting on finish
  5. Such Christmas balls could be kept outdoor for more than 8-10 years
Personalized christmas ball ornaments
creative design of stainless steel christmas balls
outdoor christmas display with ss balls
christmas ball manufacturer VmDisplay ltd.

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