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2020 John Lewis Kids Store Christmas Candy Window Display

With different kinds of candy canes and bells designs used as store window display for Christmas decoration, that is 2020 John Lewis kids store Christmas display.

What kinds of display props are suitable for a kid store Christmas window display?

  1. Christmas bell shape design is the classical element for Christmas decoration
  2. Colorful candy cane window display is suitable for a kid store window
  3. Here are kinds of candy designs, like candy cane, lollipop
  4. They are all made in plastic acrylic material
  5. With different sizes and colorful glitter finishes
  6. Good Christmas window display choice of candy design ideas



Christmas window display with candy canes and bells designs

It is really cute and full of joy Christmas candy window display for John Lewis kids store window. Maybe you will choose to make them in fiberglass material, but they were all made in Plastic acrylic material with metal base for supporting, that to meet really urgent delivery time, as the whole project processing time is only around 15 days. This successful window display case has allowed us to win good feedback from client and the trust for arranging more projects production.

VmDisplay team always focus on the key points to offer perfect solution to solve all problems, and offer one-stop service from raw material to shipping to your hand.

Project Processing:

  1. Opening wooden molds to keep the perfect shape design of the candies and bells
  2. Using acrylic material into high temperature oven to make soft sheets.
  3. Making the display props shape designs via wooden molds
  4. Cutting and polishing the edges to keep perfect smooth finishes
  5. Spray painting with car paints and glitters to keep high-end painting finishes.
  6. With the High-strength honeycomb carton to protect products
Kids store christmas display
kids store display with candy cane props
lollipop display prop packing
Candy cane design idea for kid store window

With more creative window displays for fashion brand stores, hope to check more here.

And warm welcome to get more VM solutions, as that we can not only provide high-quality window display props, but also consider solving all problems first, and propose the most suitable and effective VM solutions to meet your goal, include visual merchandising display and lead time.

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