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2021 Tiffany & Co Retail Shop Front Display Design Of Customized Metallic Display Props

Fantastic Tiffany & Co Christmas window display and shop front display design with customized Metallic Moon, combined clouds sets and stars wall display props LED lighting.


Visual merchandising solution for the shop front display project.

  1. Different cloud shape designs assembled together for keeping stably.
  2. Huge moon metal prop with classical Tiffany & Co Jewelry design (large scale)
  3. Irregular star shapes decorated on retail wall with LED light
  4. Integrated supplies with Metal, acrylic, fiberglass, 3D printing and LED lights
  5. UV printing fantastic clouds on acrylic sheets to insert to cloud metal frame



tiffany and co retail shop front

I believe that you are shocked by the Tiffany and Co shop front visual merchandising display, the large moon with clear purple diamond design and cloud sets combined with the LED lights to express dreamlike theme designed by one of Jewelries of Tiffany & Co.. This project production is enough to reflect the ability of  VmDisplay team on integrated production and management capacity to achieve client’s goal.

Project Processing:

  1. For the Tiffany flagship store front wall, the whole display props are huge. So for huge moon design, we suggested to make it in Metal material with back-lit and it is strong enough for supporting Clear purple diamond design with large scale Tiffany “Bird jewelry”
  2. Below it, which is stacked together clouds, made of metal frame and UV printing acrylic sheet with LED lights inside. They are fixed together and with heavy base for standing stably.
  3. For the retail store wall decor, the smaller moon design was made of metal frame with Blister acrylic 3D design and LED light inside.
  4. All display props designed with LED lights, You can find the UV printing pattern on the acrylic plates, which reflects the feeling of walking deep into the cloud through the illumination of the LED lights inside.
shop front display visual design for tiffany and co
Tiffany and co shop front windows for visual merchandising
tiffany and co retail shop front display for visual merchandising
metal display prop as retail shop front display for window decoration

We are amazed by the different visual merchandised retail display projects every year, As a retail display manufacturer of integrated supply materials, we are very honored to provide perfect VM solutions and high-quality prop production to achieve visual merchandising effects and make the world full of dreams.

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