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2020 Tiffany and Co Store Front Windows Features Christmas Tree Display Ideas

The Christmas Display Ideas of Christmas tree shape design with LED lights, which is 2020 Tiffany Store Front Windows.  

Huge Christmas trees designed and produced in complicate processing.

  1. The whole Christmas tree is made of Stainless steel and iron metal materials.
  2. Key point one is to confirm the stable large Christmas tree structure
  3. Key point two is to ensure high-end plating finish of the huge cap.
  4. Key point three is to keep perfect smooth finish of the curved surface
  5. Key point four is to guarantee heavy SS base to support large Christmas tree.



Tiffany and Co store front windows

This is really amazing Christmas display ideas to make large Christmas tree shape designs with LED lights hidden in large cap, which used as Tiffany store front windows for visual merchandising.

This is a great window project that covers almost every process in metalwork, from raw material to finished perfect prop, then packed into safety wooden box for shipping to each store directly.

VmDisplay team focused on the key points to offer perfect solution to solve all problems, and offer one-stop service from raw material to shipping to each store.

Project Processing:

  1. Stainless steel Raw material precision engraving via high power laser cutting machine
  2. Curly bending the large cap and truck via bending machine to keep smooth curved surface
  3. Fully welding and polishing curved parts to one whole large cap, which to keep finish without polishing traces)
  4. Vacuum plating large tree cap, which is around 2.5m height. Must keep high-end plating finish
  5. Assembling large cap with truck via customized structure inside to ensure standing stability (consider its own weight and outdoor cross-wind risk)
  6. Assembling LED lights hidden under large cap to show out the fantastic display.
  7. Fix the whole large Christmas tree to heavy Stainless steel base to keep stable.
christmas display ideas for tiffany and co
store front window displays for visual merchandising
Tiffany Store Front Windows
Christmas Tree Display Ideas for tiffany store front

Regarding about other Tiffanly window displays, hope to check here. VmDisplay team welcome more bespoke window displays and store front windows, we are professional to offer perfect VM solutions and high-end display props to express your brands.

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