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Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations With Fiberglass Prop For City Street Christmas

Here is a huge Outdoor Christmas tree decorations with personalized fiberglass prop designs. It is also amazing city street Christmas project to stop people enjoy happy time.


  1. Combined with different shape designs for the whole Christmas tree decoration
  2. Many different fiberglass sculptures with Christmas Elements.
  3. Christmas Candy, Lollipop,Gift boxes, Bow, Soldier and balls designs
  4. High-end glossy spray painting color finishes with a little bit glitter
  5. Stainless steel balls with different colors mirror plating finishes
  6. Hanging on Christmas tree with designed eye-bolts



street christmas event with huge christmas tree decoration

In addition to the supply of fashion brands window props, we also contract projects of representative City street Christmas decorations.

This is a tall Christmas tree, around 10meters height, which is location on the famous shopping street in Australia. In order to attract more attention to stop people sharing happy time and try to go inside shopping mall, client designed out different cute and beautiful display prop sculptures, which are full of christmas elements, to decor big tree with fantastic LED lights.

They are typical Christmas ornaments, such as Christmas gift boxes, bows, lollipops, candy canes, Christmas electroplating balls, and the design of walnut soldiers. They are high-end display props with the high glossy spray painting and glitter finish, to keep high quality finish outside for a long time. They are also could be used as suitable window display props for fashion retail window and Luxury shopping mall decoration.

fiberglass gift box sculptures for big christmas tree decor
Fiberglass soldier painting manufacturer
Huge Christmas tree decorations with candy can sculptures

VmDisplay team would like to work out more and more personalized display props for your unique store window projects or Christmas decoration.

We are an experienced fiberglass sculpture manufacturers, who could also offer 3D design files, 3D printings together for your whole projects.

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