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2021 Coach Retail Window Display with Combined Custom LED Neon Signs

The Retail display is 2021 Coach retail window displays with different custom led neon signs display fixtures for visual merchandising.


Combined with different shape designs for the whole Coach Retail window

  1. Integrated supplies with Wooden, metal, acrylic and neon led lights
  2. Different shape designs of car and letter signs in vary colors.
  3. Wooden grille design used as store backdrop, painted in imitation copper color.
  4. Achieving visual merchandising retail window’s goal to attract attention

Special creative window displays to express “Windows of the future” theme



2021 Coach retail window display

We are really honored to be one of the retail display suppliers of 2021 Coach retail window about the “windows of the future” theme, that made out different window display props for Coach’s nine stores in the world. It increases our experience in providing visual merchandising solutions and customized display props for more bespoke window displays.

Regarding the custom led neon signs retail window, actually it is simple for us to arrange all props.

  1. Arrange different neon led lights for choosing from client.
  2. Metal structures made to leave places for neon lights.
  3. Spray painting and UV painting patterns on metal structure’s finish
  4. Adhesive acrylic sheet inside metal signs
  5. Final to adhesive neon lights on acrylic sheet
  6. Design the hanging bracket on back of metal sign
  7. Hanging neon signs directly on wooden backdrop
Coach window with led neon signs
Assembling led neon signs set for Coach store display
Led neon sign metal cover production
Coach window display visual merchandising

With more bespoken store fixtures for retail window, warm welcome for sharing to us. VmDisplay team always offer professional Visual merchandising solution and make out prototype in quick time for discussing and testing.

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