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Trending Elements for Christmas Window Displays in 2023

Chanel Christmas tree for store interior entrance visual merchandising

An amazing Christmas window displays play a critical role in a brand’s marketing strategy during the holiday shopping season. As consumers fill the streets in search of gifts, a brand’s storefront serves as a powerful advertising vehicle to capture attention, convey brand identity, and drive foot traffic. Christmas windows allow brands to creatively showcase product offerings and deals, while embedding brand messaging through design elements that align with their aesthetic. Dramatic, enticing window displays signal a welcoming, festive environment inside to encourage passersby to enter the store. The atmosphere and excitement of the Christmas holiday season provide the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with consumers through imaginative displays that highlight their style.

So In the run-up to the holiday season, retailers and brands are already preparing their Christmas window displays, highlighting their own brands and utilizing unique and innovative visual merchandising display props to entice customers to come in and spend money. There are several elements that will be popular and trending in the special Christmas day each year.

A.Classical Elements For Christmas Decoration

Christmas Tree: The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday decorations. It is typically adorned with lights, ornaments, and garlands, symbolizing life and hope during the festive season. With different Fake Christmas trees for choosing and different design shapes based as “Christmas tree” shape, just like Tiffany & Co. 2021 Christmas Trees with LED light for storefront design.

Different dimensions of Christmas trees sets, and shined together with LED lights under high-end plating finish cap and Classical Tiffany Blue on the Tree trunk. For processing detail of the Amazing VM project, hope to read here.

2020 Tiffany & Co. storefront design Christmas tree visual merchandising
Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree with LED light
Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree production made of Stainless steel material

Large Christmas Balls (Christmas Ornaments): Christmas balls are classic elements in Christmas decor. They are typically made of glass, plastic, or other materials and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and decorations. They are hung on the Christmas tree, adding a colorful and sparkling element to holiday decorations.

But Christmas Day is unique and special for everyone, so for brands, they would like to design out unique Christmas display own by themselves, just like the Favored by millions – Chanel Store design with a Christmas tree decorated full of baubles in black and white. Does it look like the dress you want? Who wouldn’t want an elegant and generous princess “little dress”?

Chanel store interior design with Christmas tree decorated balls
Chanel Christmas tree for store interior entrance visual merchandising
Chanel Store interior Christmas tree decoration
Chanel Christmas tree with Christmas balls decoration

Moreover, artificial flowers and wreaths have become popular holiday decorations. They are made from a variety of materials such as silk, plastic, paper, or fabric to simulate real flowers and foliage. Silk and plastic flowers can look very realistic, capturing details such as petal texture and color. Paper and fabric flowers have a more artful, decorative look.

Wreaths are circular floral arrangements traditionally hung on doors or walls. Artificial holiday wreaths are available in traditional evergreen styles with pine cones and berries, as well as more contemporary colorful blooms. Small artificial poinsettias, Christmas roses, holly berries and pine boughs can be used to create colorful wreaths and swags for the holidays.

Vary kinds of Bows: Bows are elegant decorative elements commonly used for gift wrapping, adorning branches, and ornaments, they come in various colors and sizes, adding a touch of refinement to holiday decor. Even with the large scale design, just like Chanel storefront wall decoration with romantic larger scale of Bow and Pearl Necklace design. It’s full of romance with its classic Black and white color, and shinny LED light coming out from large bow.

In this Christmas visual project, Chanel captivated the public with special display decorations filled with the magic of the holidays. An enchanting centerpiece stunned passersby – an oversized black bow suspended gracefully from the storefront wall, its ends delicately strung with “pearls” made of larger Stainless steel baubles.

The focal point remained the stunning central bow necklace, its bold black and white palette with touches of gold exuding Parisian elegance. Its oversized proportions and prominence made it the most desirable gift of all. The romantic, whimsical store display epitomized Chanel style and embodied the dreamy beauty and allure of the season. It invited viewers into a world of sparkling jewels and the excitement of unwrapping a Chanel gift on Christmas Day.

Led ligh large store display for Chanel
Chanel shopfront Big bow and ball design

Other Ornaments else and Customized Christmas Props: Large Christmas trees call for big, eye-catching decorations. Oversized Stainless steel or fiberglass stars, bells, moons, clouds and more are often hung in trees, something like large fiberglass candy canes, lollipops, gift boxes and candy bows add a whimsical touch. Glittering stars and snowflakes illuminate trees at night.

Custom fiberglass decorations are also popular for public Christmas displays. Giant glass ball ornaments, snowmen, presents, angels, and Christmas characters like Santa Claus, reindeer, and elves are created. These bring a sense of wonder and fantasy to holiday decorating.

Bells and stars may be accented with ribbon. Moons and clouds can have sparkling accents. Themed decor like snowmen, gingerbread men, or soldiers are sometimes showcased. These types of large statement pieces combined with glittering lights help transform Christmas trees and public spaces into magical winter wonderlands.

The Amazing Christmas displays are classically represented by Tiffany & Co.’s 2021 Fantasy Store Display and Moon & Clouds Wall Decoration

In 2021, Tiffany & Co. wowed crowds with its Fairytale Wonderland Christmas windows, an amazing visual display project featuring fluffy white clouds drifting across a midnight blue backdrop, illuminated by the magical glow of a crescent moon and scattered stars. The windows perfectly combine the stillness of the night with Tiffany’s signature sophistication, creating an enchanting modern fairytale scene that delighted the audience and brilliantly embodied the spirit of the Tiffany brand. The props highlight the classic flying bird shape from Tiffany jewelry standing on a purple diamond ring, a unique prop design that embodies Tiffany’s extraordinary sense of dreams, nostalgia and surprise.

2021 Tiffany & Co. Christmas display Moon and Clouds in Metal material
Tiffany & Co. Christmas display with led lights
Tiffany & Co. shop front design with Cloud prop
Amazing unique Christmas display with Moon and cloud designs for Tiffany & Co.

These elements are usually found in Christmas decorations, each with its own symbolic meaning, and together they create a warm and joyful festive atmosphere. You can combine them according to your own preferences and creativity to create unique Christmas decorations for your own brand.

B. Glitter and Shimmer Elements

Adding some sparkle and shine is another trend that will make windows POP this season. Incorporating glitter, shimmering fabrics, mirrored surfaces, and other reflective materials draws the eye and adds a magical wintry feeling. Metallic golds, silvers, coppers, and jewel tones will be popular accents. From glittering snowflakes to shimmering gift boxes, a touch of radiance goes a long way.

Classical store window design representative project- The LV balls world theme

This past Christmas Holiday, Louis Vuitton collaborated with renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to craft a kaleidoscopic window display. Stepping into the Louis Vuitton store transported viewers into an immersive, surreal world of Kusama’s signature mirrored spheres. Thousands of intricately hand-painted spheres in brilliant hues of red, blue, green and yellow were suspended from the ceiling, swallowing up the environment in a dizzying optical illusion. As people moved around the space, the reflective surfaces fragmented their reflections into infinitely repeating patterns.  This groundbreaking collaboration between Kusama, the “Queen of Polka Dots”, and Louis Vuitton offered a contemporary pop art spin on Christmas décor. The psychedelic, full sensory experience provided shoppers a brand new way to engage with Louis Vuitton’s iconic style and spirit of innovation.

LV shop window display visual design with Stainless steel balls
LV Stainless ball window display
LV balls dot deisgn for store window decor

Guerlain’s shiny gold windows with gold gift boxes display

This season display, Guerlain dazzled passersby with gilded windows that radiated luxurious opulence. The centerpiece consisted of the brand’s iconic perfume bottles, galvanized in shimmering gold and displayed like objets d’art. Surrounding them was an array of gilded gift boxes and products. The metallic sheen, illuminated by soft lighting, created a warm, intimate feeling. It transformed the ordinary into something precious and rare. The rich gold tones alluded to the extravagance of Parisian evenings, while adding holiday magic to the elegant streetscape. Guerlain demonstrated that luxury need not be austere or minimalist. Rather, the overt decadence of the glittering gold mirrored the sumptuous textures found in Guerlain fragrances and cosmetics themselves. The dazzling display embodied Guerlain’s commitment to creating experiential moments that transport viewers to a world of luxury and beauty.

Guerlain shop design with high-end stainless steel display props
Guerlain Gold store window design
Gold stainless steel display props for Guerlain store design

C. Sustainability window display theme

Eco-consciousness is at the forefront culturally, so showcasing sustainability will resonate with consumers. Creative recycling of materials, energy efficiency, and natural tools like LEDs allow window designers to have a green focus. Showcasing products from eco-friendly brands also aligns with this important value. Dior Brand has always set an example by using eco-friendly materials to create different window displays, which has also resulted in more brand benefits.

Just like 2021 Dior Flower Christmas Window Display made with flame retardant paper material. Dior captivated crowds with a sustainable window display that did not compromise on imagination or artistry. Garlands of delicately sculpted paper flowers adorned the windows, with petals via laser cutting to make the final flower design. Yet instead of fabric, the flowers were intricately cut by hand from treated fireproof paper, which is a recycled material. By choosing an unconventional eco-material crafted into lifelike works of art, Dior demonstrated that clean, white design does not preclude sophistication or beauty. The whole creative white floral window display reflected the House’s commitment to sustainability without sacrificing the dreamy romance synonymous with the Dior name during the holidays. Pedestrians were reminded that mindful creativity embodies the future of luxury.

Dior Store window display with paper display props
Paper store window display for visual merchandising
Dior visual merchandising store window display

D. Dynamic & Interactive window display elements 

Innovative window dressers are using technology to create eye-catching, dynamic displays. Kinetic window displays feature moving parts powered by electric motors to bring mannequins and props to life. Simple repetitive motions like rotating a platform or raising and lowering props mesmerize passersby.

Interactive displays draw people in by responding to their motions. Sensors allow mannequins to turn their heads and wave as shoppers walk by. Touch screens let people browse merchandise digitally.

About the display props required for a dynamic or interactive shop windows need to be realized with the help of technological innovation, we will follow up with a detailed discussion of this special technology-filled window display, so stay tuned!

Every year we are amazed by the visual impact of a brand’s props design, and how each display project perfectly conveys the brand’s unique image, innovation and visual merchandising objectives. However, if all the imagination, art and design remain only as concepts and ideas, there is still no way to reach the hearts and minds of the customers, and no way to achieve the final marketing objectives. For all VM project displays, it’s vital to have a supplier who can help to physically implement and fabricate unique props, and the VmDisplay Solution team is just such a team, helping to integrate the supply of multi-material customized props and providing viable VM solutions to help achieve your goals and production outputs.

With years of experiences in the VM industry, we have accumulated our own brand of common props, some of which are briefly listed below, if you need a detailed catalog of props, please contact us.


Material: Stainless Steel / ABS plastic

Size Range: Dia. 7-120cm

Customized size: Approval

Finish: Painting any colors in matt / glossy finish; Electroplating mirror finish; Glitter; flocking etc.

Fake Balloon / Hot-air balloon shape-

Material: Fiberglass / ABS plastic

Size Range: Dia. 20-85cm

Customized size: Approval

Finish: Painting any colors in matt / glossy finish; Electroplating mirror finish; Glitter; flocking etc.

Artificial Flowers-

Material: Paper/ Fabric velvet / EVA

Sizes Range: Any Sizes are available

Finish: Painting colors

Others include Stainless steel Gift box, Stars, square&round mannequin podiums etc.  

For a VM project or Holiday events decoration, what you need is more than just a prop, but also you need a powerful and experienced VM props manufacturer who can offer professional VM solutions and power production capacities to achieve your any goals, that is VmDisplay team to realize any of your custom display projects.


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