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How To Choose Environmental Materials To Make Creative Store Window Display?


In the visual marketing is increasingly important nowadays, the brand window display props selection is more and more regarded as an independent art. Not only need to consider the practicality and aesthetics, but also need to keep abreast of the times to integrate the concept of environmental protection. How to make a balanced choice in the limited space of material selection, to create a visual impact without losing the environmental implications? This is becoming a headache for brand managers and window designers.

Environmental protection concept from the industry concept to public practice

In recent years, environmental protection is no longer a piece of paper, but gradually deepened into people’s hearts and internalized into conscious practice. As a visual marketing window, brand windows full of creativity and tension naturally have to keep up with the times. Not only out of social responsibility, but also because the younger generation of consumers is very important to the brand’s environmental protection concept.

Therefore, choosing environmentally friendly materials for display props not only helps to promote the concept of sustainable development, but is also a key move to capture the young consumer groups. While ensuring environmental protection, how to take into account the texture experience of the material itself? This is a big challenge in front of the designers.

Ⅰ. The beauty of natural wood and the rustic flavor of nature

For the brand business whose main theme runs through natural ecological elements, wood is undoubtedly the best choice. Wood has the natural texture of the original ecological, delicate and warm, rich and natural color and texture, giving props a pure and simple temperament from the heart.

For example, the 2022 Hermès window is made of cork and bamboo fiberboard assembled from the warmth of the wooden house, is very ecological, details show the quality of craftsmanship.

In addition, and nature combined with the theme of environmental protection has also been respected design, we can find more and more environmentally friendly simulation materials used to shape the natural environment has become a trend.

Such as Canada goose Store window displays with environment theme

Ⅱ. Paper’s Mighty Metal The Road to Explore Eco-friendly Technology

In the pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development of the tide, paper is becoming a new favorite brand window display props. Paper itself is a natural recycled material, coupled with technological innovation, it shows the concept of environmental protection at the same time, but also highlights the endless artistic possibilities.

The charm of paper window props lies primarily in the texture of the paper itself. Delicate and silky or rough and tough, can outline a unique visual experience, this natural texture for the window injected a return to the original ecological taste.

What’s even more amazing is that paper, under the auspices of craftsmanship, has an unimaginable artistic plasticity. Superior papermaking techniques can create a metallic sheen of gilded paper; molded by hot pressing after the texture of high-density pulp paper as hard as plastic and so on.

It can be said that the paper material is its unique natural simplicity, environmental protection, technology, plastic artistry three major charms, attracting more and more fashion visual marketing brands to join. In the future, I believe that as long as the creative hands of designers, paper will be able to window display props on the stage to shake more people’s hearts, creating more extraordinary and magnificent art experience.

Ⅲ. Recyclable Plastics: Energizing Infinite Possibilities

As one of the most important materials in the history of human civilization, plastic has certainly had a negative impact on the environment. But today, the sustainable recycling of plastic products has become increasingly popular, giving it a whole new vitality.

Recycled plastics as raw materials, through injection molding, blow molding, compression molding and other processes, can not only make strong and beautiful weapons, but also give them a unique visual experience. For example, many craftsmen will be used to expose the outer surface of the processing traces of the old style, creating a new sense of existence; or mixed with other materials, to create a rich sense of light and shadow layers, highlighting the visual appeal of the plastic itself.

These plastic shapes, once classified as horrible waste, have in fact already begun a new life force, attracting the attention of countless creatives in fashion visual marketing. Their quality, versatility, affordability and recyclability are gradually being transformed into new colors and lines in brand window displays.

In general, whether it is traditional natural materials or new technology materials, there are a large number of environmentally friendly materials available on the market. Designers only need to play creativity, choose to meet the brand tone of the material, through bold practice and continuous exploration, will be able to create a visually unique, extraordinary texture of the window display masterpiece. Brand businessmen should also keep pace with the times, in line with the trend of environmental protection, for environmental protection to contribute to their own strength.


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